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Proverbs 31:13

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gathering for Winter Etui


Here's my latest design, completed just last week and debuted at a Toy Chest Etui class in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This etui was inspired by the turned wooden acorn which is attached to the closure cord of the box.  The acorn was made by Mike and Maggie Fraser of Sylvan Treasures and one will be included in each kit, as they have graciously agreed to make them for me.  Mike is always on the prowl for exotic woods and the acorns will be available in a variety of colors.  I'll also be carrying extras so that students can purchase them to make scissor fobs, etc.

The etui box and all of the 'smalls' are stitched with acorn motifs in a wide variety of stitches.  Some of them are based on traditional motifs found in antique samplers and some of them are my own creations.  There is a squirrel stitched on the bottom of the box as well as some more acorns and spaces for intitials and a date.  The 'smalls' are: a pin cushion, a needle book, a scissor sheath and a scissor fob. 

The box and the smalls are lined with a copper colored silk Dupioni which is a very close match to the reddish color used in the stitching.  The flosses and the ribbon are Gloriana ( of course! ) and are colors which I've never used before.  Most of them are new colors to the Gloriana line, created in the last 2 years.  The kit will also include an enameled charm from Susan Clarke Originals to be attached at the stitcher's discretion.

The pilot class is already scheduled for this summer and the design will be available for workshops beginning in 2013.


  1. Betsy, You have hit a home run...again! Love, love , love this piece and I can't wait to see when it will be offered.


  2. Oh, lovely! This is a wonderful set and will be popular I know! I'm sure you'll be teaching it somewhere near me - I'll be there!


  3. Betsy, this is absolutely gorgeous, and one of my utterly favourite motifs (rather odd really as Oaks are rare here and grey squirrels are vermin!

  4. Bestsy, I will be at your Elizabethan Casket Etui class in Adelaide next month at Beating arond the Bush. Could you pleae bring some kits for me to purchase of your other designs, especially your new design, Gathering for Winter Etui !!! It is beautiful !! I love your work and can't wait to meet you in Adelaide next month. Amanda

  5. Hi Amanda, Looking forward to meeting you! Unfortunately I don't sell kits outside of class - you have to take the class to get the kit. I haven't even done the pilot class for this new design yet and it won't be available as a class until next year.

    1. That's a pity!! Since I live in Australia and you live in the USA, it may be the only time I will have a class with you! Anyway. I am looking forward to the class and meeting you! Maybe you could teach the Gathering for Winter ethi at the following Beating Around the Bush in Adelaide? See you in April

  6. Betsy,
    Your designs continue to astound me - such talent!!!

    I've given you the Liebster Award. See my blog post: mountainstitcherontheplains.blogspot.com!

  7. Beautiful. I would like to buy this kit. How can I do that?