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"She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands"
Proverbs 31:13

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Edinburgh Designs

No, I promise that I did not drop off the face of the earth.  I've just been super busy with travel, classes, surgery and designing.

Last fall I taught in England for the Sampler Guild of the UK.  It was a lovely long weekend in a very quaint town at a centuries old hotel with a thatched roof.  The ladies who attended were tremendous fun and wonderful stitchers.

When the weekend was over, my sister flew in to join me and we spent 10 days touring London and Edinburgh.  A day spent at Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse Palace inspired two new designs.  The first ( above ) is the Edinburgh Etui which was inspired by a piece of china, some needlework tools and some embroidery by Mary Queen of Scots in the palace and by embroidered regimental flags, carved woodwork and military uniform decorations in the castle.

The box has two compartments - one in the top section with the swags and tassels and the other and larger one in the bottom section with the crown and branches.  The branches are adorned with Tudor roses, thistles and shamrocks, all of which are worked in surface embroidery.  However, the kit will also contain charts to work those motifs in counted thread for students who aren't comfortable with surface work.  The box is lined with a green/aqua two way silk Dupioni and the lid has a turned wooden thistle finial as its handle. 

The "smalls" are, left to right, a folding needle purse with bead and loop closure, a scissor fob on a tasseled cord, a crown thimble box and a pin pillow with beaded edges and beaded cord.  The back of the pin pillow is embroidered in a tartan plaid and embellished with a silver thistle charm.

The finial and charm are included in the kit.  This design will be available as a two day workshop in 2014.

The second design is the Edinburgh Reticule pictured below.

This design was done especially for Just CrossStitch Magazine's Christmas in Williamsburg seminar 2013.  The reticule shape was inspired by a tiny purse at Holyroodhouse Palace.  Its intertwining branches on the front are home to a Tudor rose, thistles and shamrocks, all worked in counted thread.  The back side ( see below ) has motifs taken from woodwork in the Castle and adapted into blackwork patterns.  The purse is lined in green silk Dupioni, the edges are embellished with beads and the closure is made from Hedebo buttonhole loops and a tasseled cord.

The "smalls" are a needle book and scissor fob.  The needle book has wool felt pages and a silk ribbon spine and the scissor fob slides on a tasseled cord.

Hope that you like them!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Revised Workshop List

This is an updated list of my current teaching pieces, including kit prices and teaching days.

                                                   The Swan's Bower Etui, $180, 2 days

                                                    Pioneer Girl Book Etui, $150, 2 days

Virgin Queen Stitching Wallet, $180, 2 days

                                               Bristol Sampler Stitching Bag, $140, 2 days

                                                Elizabethan Casket Etui, $150, two days

                                                  Gathering for Winter, $140, one day

    Toy Chest Etui, $175, two days                                                

This One's for Betty, $150, one day

Edinburgh Etui, $175, two days, available 2014


                                                     Edinburgh Reticule, $125, one day
                                                Mexican Stitcher's Reticule, $125, one day