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Proverbs 31:13

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Big Changes on the Way

First of all, heartfelt thanks to all of you who offered your condolences in the post below.  Some mornings I still find myself looking out the window to see where the horses are, but for the most part my period of grieving is winding down and I’m remembering the good times.

Now for the main news...

After losing the horses my husband and I decided to sell our farm and move south.  We are both a bit too old to start over with new horses and my husband was getting tired of maintaining all of the property.  Without the horses, there wasn’t much point in staying on the farm, so we spent the summer renovating the house and put the farm on the market in September.  No nibbles yet but we are hoping that will change soon.

We decided on the Charleston, SC area because my best friend, my sister, now lives there and we have other very close friends in the area.  Plus it puts us half the distance from my husband’s family in Florida than we are here in Virginia.  And for my husband the best part is knowing that he will probably never have to shovel snow again!

We have been to Charleston a few times to look at homes and have found several that we love.  There is also a massive amount of new home construction there, so much to choose from.  We just need to sell our farm first.  Once we move I will still be designing and teaching, just from a different home base...for a while...

The other big change coming is that I have set a date to retire.  I just enrolled in Medicare and will turn 65 shortly so it seems like a good idea.  As much as I love designing, teaching, meeting all of you and traveling, I would also love time to stitch on all of those kits and charts which are sitting in my stash.  I’d like to get back into gardening and cooking, both of which I enjoy but have neglected these last 15 years.  And then there is the potential for grandchildren to spoil sometime in the future.

I have set the date for New Year’s Eve 2020, so I will continue on for 3 more years.  At this point I am completely booked for 2018 and am booking classes for 2019.  So, if you have any desire for taking one of my classes, time is limited!

Thank you all for your support, enthusiasm and friendship all these years and as I wind down my career!  More to come as things progress....


  1. I think you are very wise to make long range plans for retirement. I retired from teaching this past May. I miss it so, and didn't realize that my teaching pension requires that I do not work or volunteer with children for 180 days. If I had been more knowledgeable, I would have continued teaching for another year or to, and gotten more of my "ducks in a row". I am a widow living on a farm in Nebraska with 2 horses also. Thanks for sharing your story. It makes me feel less alone

  2. You and I are thinking along the same lines--just got my Medicare card--and in three years I'll have 20 years with the company for whom I work. That's a nice, round number . . .and I want to work on lowering the level of the stash. That said--I will miss looking forward to your new designs and the chance to take more classes from you after 2020.

  3. Hi, just saw your feature in Inspirations, and here I am. If you have not relocated yet and are not answering or accepting subscribers to your blog, I do understand, and will happily wait. I am interested in doing some of your work. I was featured in beading at Inspirations also, a couple issues ago.

  4. Hi Betsy, will you start selling your designs online? Is there a list somewhere online?

  5. Just a "hello" to Betsy -- hope all is going well in the new home.

  6. Since you mentioned booking, the Fauquier County chapter of the EGA is looking to book a one day class (usually for our meeting day in July, the third Monday of the month). I see that you are booked through 2018, so could you let me know if this date (or any third Monday) is available in 2019? Thank you!

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